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Then [They] Came for the Canadians Part 2

When: Jul 5, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Then [They] Came For the Canadians, Part 2, Doctor and Patient Victims

Moderators: Dr. Eric Feintuch, the Inalienable Rights Alliance and 1-800 GET WELL, Chris VandenBos, Police on Guard present, Brianne Dressen, Then [They] Came For The Canadians, Part 2, Doctor and Shot Victims

Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker M.D. – 7:05

Dr. Crystal Luchkiw M.D. – 7:15

Dr. Stephen Malthouse M.D. – 7:25

Dr. Trozzi M.D. – 7:35

Dr. Rochagne Kilian M.D. – 7:45

Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Ph.D., DNM®, RHT, MH, HT – 7:55

Dr. Charles Hoffe M.D. 8:05

Brianne Dressen, who testified in the halls of the US Congress and other shot injured testimonials @9:00