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Evidence of cGMP/cGxP Non-Compliance in Manufacture and Distribution of the Biological Materials Marketed as “Covid-19 Vaccines.”

Table of Contents

Executive Summary: 2
Pharmaceutical Industry Regulations – Background 2
Evidence of noncompliance with cGMP for Covid “Vaccines” 4
Evidence of mass deaths and injury worldwide 4
Direct evidence of non-compliance with cGMP 4
Evidence from independent worldwide testing of substances in the vials of Covid-19 “Vaccines” 5
33 Commercial Pfizer Batches Manufactured Prior to EUA/CMA Approvals 7
Excessive batch variability observed in VAERS database 9
Lack of mRNA integrity and high amount of genetic material impurities 10
No tests for conformity to label at the unit dose level 12
No serialization at the unit dose 13


INDEX of Attachments in Order of Appearance in the EXHIBIT.

Attachments related to Noncompliance with cGMP Subfolder “Evidence of harm from countermeasures” (EXHIBIT Ref 2):